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This blog celebrates The Dark Knight Trilogy.
Hand to heart, I'm so grateful to share my Batman obsession with so many other Batman fans. Thank you.
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I was considering a hiatus but it dawned me… that just leaving Heathology as is was a better fate. There will be no more updates here from Heathology. What meant to me most of all was the response I got from such dedicated Trilogy fans. Your words I will keep in my heart, always. That was a joy to look forward to. It allowed Heathology to continue for as long as it did. I will miss updating it and it’s still a part of me. Please enjoy what is still here, if you wish. I will miss you all. With all my love.

Ps. I will still continue with Ledgerian and Ledgeration if anyone was remotely curious. And if there are any questions or thoughts, please let me know.

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